Test submission form to include with your hair sample

1) Download your test submission form
Start by downloading this submission form, which should be completed and sent together with your hair sample.


2) Where to send your hair sample and form
Outback Health Test
PO Box 1089
Roleystone WA 6111
3) Instructions on how to take the hair sample

Tests only require a few hairs (3/4 strands) if hair is longer than an inch. 

We test any form of hair from your body.

  • Ideally, samples should include the hair root, however we understand it is not always possible.
  • If cutting the hair, please ensure you cut as close to the root as possible.
  • Hair dye or treatments do not affect testing.
  • Once hair sample is collected, place the strands into a small sealable bag ensuring the hair remains dry and secure during transit. Do not send hair samples in metal foil or other metallic packaging.
  • Place hair samples in a secure envelope or postage wallet and post to our lab.
  • Please ensure correct postage is paid. Incorrect postage can cause delays to the processing time.
  • Please be careful not to include other items in the same bag as your hair sample as this can affect testing.
  • Please ensure you have completed all details correctly.